Registration for this competition is open until April 1, 2019 at 5:00pm PST. The registration fee is $100 for AIA members, $125 for non-AIA members, and $60 for Students, and there is no limit to the number of entries per person, or the number of teams an individual may participate with. To join this competition, click on the registration link at the bottom of the page. Once registration has closed, an upload link will be sent to the email address provided for each registrant, along with a competition ID number to be used to identify all material submitted. No entry fees will be refunded for entries that are disqualified, late, or not completed.


This is an open competition to all Architects and Students of Architecture, with the following exclusions: the employees, students or partners of jurors and any employee of AIA. The competition coordinators will invalidate any entries that are submitted after 5:00pm PST on May 1, 2019.


All entries must be submitted without identifying marks, logos, text, insignia, or images that could be used to identify the submission’s author. Any submission that contains written or graphic material on the display surface that in any way identifies the author of the submission will be disqualified.

Submission Requirements

There is no requirement for how ideas should be presented - be creative! The submission narrative and images must be submitted in a single PDF file not to exceed 10MB. Additionally, a separate 30” x 42” PDF file of the project exhibit board should be provided, with a file size not to exceed 5MB.


Competition Announcement/Registration Opens: February 25 2019

Registration Deadline: April 17 2019

Entries Due: May 1 2019

Winners Announced May 15 2019

Exhibition Winners Displayed June 5-8 2019

Publication: TBD


The following prizes will be awarded to the winners, for a grand total of $8,000.00.

1st Prize: $5,000

2nd Prize: $2,000

3rd Prize: $1,000

Up to 10 Honorable Mentions

Exhibition and Publication

The winning entries will be displayed in Las Vegas at the 2019 AIA Conference on Architecture, and at the Henderson City Hall.