TOWNSITE HOME 2 download.png

The Challenge

The purpose of this competition is to challenge Architects and Students to design a conceptual residential project idea for the Townsite Homes, which have outlived their intended use and are in need of major renovations and/or repairs, to reduce neighborhood blight. Many Townsite Homes are located on large lots, which presents the opportunity for multi-family residential dwellings. The project should fully embody the principles of sustainable design and livable communities.


The Program

It is the responsibility of the entrants to determine the number of new dwellings on the site, or re-purpose the existing home. The only city requirement is to provide a single parking space per dwelling.

Site Conditions and Location

The project is to be sited in Henderson’s Downtown Redevelopment Area. The “Townsite” lots have both streetside and alley access. Refer to the site exhibit for dimensions and orientation (available here). The site should be considered flat. For purposes of determining solar and climate conditions, competitors should use that of Henderson, Nevada.